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Who Hires Our Grads

Students and Employer Reviews

Paul Farmer
President & CEO
Salinas Valley COC
"I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with what Emilia is doing here at the Chamber. While she asked for a simple data entry job, she is proving herself to be capable of much more. Even though she has only been here a short time, she is already assisting us with some marketing activities, including performing some research and writing. In short, I am delighted with her job performance."
Stormy Ancheta
"I’ve been working ever since graduation. The skills I learned – clinical, lab and admin – all came in handy. Of course, there are always new things to learn on the job – offices do things differently – I was well prepared, so that learning new skills on the job was easy, too. I highly recommend people to go to Central Coast College."
Eric Dormody
Doctors on Duty
"As a manager for Doctors on Duty, I need employees who are patient focused, fast learners, and reliable. The students that I’ve hired from Central Coast College have these attributes and more. They are also dedicated, conscientious, and great workers. Thank you Central Coast College!"
Korina Moreno
"Everyone was very kind and welcoming. All the students were there for the same reason - to improve their life by getting career training. It got me out of my retail job; I got my certificate in Computer Specialist: Accounting; and they helped me find my job as Administrative Assistant at the Elkhorn Slough Foundation. I'm very satisfied with Central Coast College!"


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