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Since 1983, Central Coast College has been offering Healthcare and Business training programs to help students prepare themselves for professional careers. Central Coast College can help you, as it has helped thousands of its graduates, develop the skills necessary for a successful career. Contact us today to learn how you can become a Central Coast College student.

Testimonial » Medical

Melissa Pugliese, 2005

Medical Assistant

More Than You Expect » Business

Testimonial » Business

Rita Goel, Employer Transportation Agency for Monterey County

More Than You Expect » Medical

More Than You Expect » General

Testimonial in Spanish » Brenda Perea

Brenda Perea, 2011

Computer Office Administration

Testimonial in Spanish » Iban Ochoa

Iban Ochoa, 2011

Medical Assisting

Testimonial in Spanish » Andrea Agredo

Andrea Agredo, 2011

Health Information and Patient Services

Testimonial » Marisol

Marisol Hernandez, 2007
Medical Office Administration

Testimonial » Mary

Mary Gamotan, 1996
Computer Office Administration

Testimonial » Valente

Valente Quintero, 2007
Computer Office Administration