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Student Stories

Odalys Ramirez

2015 Veterinary Assistant Graduate

I graduated from the Veterinary Assistant (VTA) program in December 2015. I did my externship at Harden Ranch Veterinary Hospital in Salinas and they hired me! I liked school and really miss it – even the traffic going to the SPCA! I liked being so hands-on with the SPCA animals and clinical hours. Some of the classes were kind of hard, especially the math, but everything they taught us was used in my externship – and on the job. I am given many opportunities at work to continue learning and I like it very much.

Kevin Crosby

2008 Medical Assistant Graduate
2015 Phlebotomy Technician Graduate

Central Coast College has been inspiring and life changing for me. I received high quality training for Medical Assisting and gained employment in the field quickly after graduating. I came back and took the phlebotomy course and am now a licensed Phlebotomy Technician. Thank you Central Coast College!

Debra Quarles

2015 Nursing Assistant Graduate

My experience with Central Coast College was awesome. I came here to renew my CNA license after letting it accidentally expire and I was accepted without judgement. Although there was a student much younger than me in the class I didn’t let that intimidate me. Mrs. Diane Reid and Susan Sullivan made learning very fun for me as well as asking for my input into their teaching. They were very supportive in my learning process and I am very appreciative of them both. I will forever be indebted to them both for helping me to excel.